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Event to take place on Friday, June 7, at Long Island University: Brooklyn



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June 5, 2013:

Local high school and collegiate athletes, coaches, sports development experts, and NBA personnel will gather in Brooklyn for an event established to foster the personal and career success of minority student-athletes. GAMEBREAKERS, a summit organized by UWANTGAME and supported by the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, will take place on Friday, June 7, at LIU Brooklynmore


With all the negative press about athletes who fail to prepare for life after sport, and experience financial, personal, physical difficulties, this article, about the sport career transition (SCT) published by Forbes speaks to what right looks like.  Three former NFL athletes share some best practices and lessons learned to ease the transition to life after sport.


Article Written By Gary Laney | GeauxTigerNation


The inaugural GameBreakers, like the 2012 Final Four, is officially in the record books. What better person to provide a recap of this groundbreaking event than UWANTGAME Executive Director & Co-Founder Joe Branch.


Our team worked really hard to provide a unique experience in New Orleans. We want to utilize this event-based strategy to motivate and educate community leaders, student-athletes, parents, sports professionals, and sports fans around the country on the work that needs to be done in the community. GameBreakers provided an intro to the importance of Building the Game Behind the Game ™. The work off the court is just as significant as the work on the court and we introduced this concept to the coaches and student-athletes in attendance. more

Camera Miley

For many hoopers, young and youngish, playing the game of basketball is synonymous with breathing. They just can’t or won’t live without it.  While it’s easy to assume why a person loves the game (the list can go on and on) or when/where that passion originated, first-person information is much doper than third-person gossip.  So let’s hear it straight from a bball lover’s mouth.

Camera Miley is a rising point guard at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, NY.   Like many young student-athletes she has aspirations of taking her talents to the pro level.  The WNBA is tops on her list.  And in the off chance that that doesn’t become a reality?  She’ll become an athletic trainer or physical therapist for a professional team, of course!  Yep, basketball is still her “fall back” plan.  That’s real love… more

Frontline Solutions


Contact: Trang Hamm,, (503) 780-1624

March 30, 2012

Local high school athletes, coaches, and youth development experts will gather in New Orleans for a student-athlete summit using sports to bolster young black males’ confidence, education, and positive self-image. GameBreakers, a summit organized by UWANTGAME and supported by the Open Society Foundations’ Campaign for Black Male Achievement, will take place on Sunday, April 1, at Dillard University. The event coincides with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four Championship. more

Jordan Coleman

Jordan Coleman

Dream big dreams. I’m just an average kid. I play high school football, I play high school basketball, but I aspire to be great. Basically, I just dream big and I work hard at it.

~ Jordan Coleman, Filmmaker/Student-Athlete



Sixteen years old is too young to be a filmmaker, right?  Sixteen years old is too young to be a filmmaker with a profound message, right?  Sixteen years old is too young to do inspiring work that can impact copious lives, right? Apparently somebody forgot to clue 16-year-old Jordan Coleman in on that myth. Because not only did this inspiring high school junior create an important film with a profound message, he has set out on a nationwide tour to spread the word. more


Marquis Barnett

If life were played in two halves like the game of basketball, Marquis Barnett’s first half was short in minutes and long in suffering. The 19-year old Queens, NY native has endured more heartache and pain than most people three times his age.  Homelessness: Along with his Mom and two siblings, Marquis has lived in four shelters in four different boroughs throughout New York City. Tragedy: Marquis’ brother Tavon, who was autistic, died in a fire that the young boy accidentally started when left unsupervised. Violence: Nearly four years ago, Marquis had to rescue his Mom from the claws of an abusive boyfriend who was choking the breath and life out of her.

Fortunately, Marquis’ story does have a second half – one filled with hope, love, and redemption.  And in his second half, he is surrounded by amazing people who have shown what compassion truly means such as his long-time girlfriend, Shalyce Blue; his UWANTGAME mentor, Rodrick Seay; and his Cardozo High School basketball coach, Ron Naclerio, who championed for Marquis to play ball on the collegiate level. Now a freshman at Quinnipiac University – light years away from previous strife – the 6 foot 8 forward is crashing boards for the Division-I squad on a full ride.

Writer Tracee Loran caught up with Barnett at a recent QU game against St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.  What she discovered was not a young man who was scarred and angered by his harrowing past. (One might expect that and could possibly understand.)  Instead, who stood before her was a mature young man with a commanding presence and a gentle spirit. His words were brief, but profound and showed that Marquis refrains from looking back and dwelling on negative circumstances. He’d much rather spend his time looking toward a more promising future. more


The Associated Press
AUSTIN, Texas — Texas lawmakers are moving to crack down on unethical sports agents and their “runners,” threatening a felony conviction and up to 10 years in prison for luring college athletes into contracts and deals that cause them to lose their eligibility.

Legislators say the crackdown would give Texas the toughest sports agent law in the country. more