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UWANTGAME helps student-athletes reach their potential in academics, athletics and personal growth through life skill and career development.

We pair student-athletes with consistent accountability partners who have already traveled the same path.

GameBreakers in Houston and NYC and the Athlete Mentor Program in Minnesota enlightens and empowers student athletes with an inside view of the game behind the game.

The year-round Speaker Series, held throughout the United States, is designed to inspire HS students to develop into lifelong leaders.

The Scholarship Fund awards leadership scholarships to deserving high school students.


High School Students

UWANTGAME annually works with students across the country with current operations in New York, Minnesota and Texas.

Last Friday we came together at Hiawatha Golf Course to wrap up the 2022 Athlete Mentor Program with our Intro to Golf and Networking Event.

National Mentorship Month

Coach Larry A. McKenzie’s Guiding Star

Issac Newton once said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” That’s something six-time state champion from Minneapolis North Community HS and hall of fame coach Larry A. McKenzie can certainly relate to.

Careers in Sports

UWANTGAME visit to the Timberwolves

Buffalo Wild Wings

Importance of Nutrition

Handsome Hog

Dining Etiquette Event

Bell Bank

Financial Literacy Event

Justin Bedford, Founder of Cardigan Donuts

Entrepreneurship 1-on-1

Solomon Hughes Sr. Golf Academy

Introduction to Golf and Networking


Women in Sports Panel Discussion

On March 23, UWANTGAME hosted its monthly sports business panel discussion for NYC high school seniors at the Business of Sports School. The theme of this particular session was “Women in Sports” and therefore featured successful female sports executives as guest speakers.


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