aim to help high school student-athletes reach their potential in academics, athletics, and personal growth by fostering connections between them and successful former collegiate student-athletes.

To facilitate this mission we have established three comprehensive programs: Mentoring, GameBreakers, and the UWG Speaker Series.

UWG Mentoring

The UWG Mentoring Program provides a comprehensive three-year enrichment program (typically 10th–12th grade) to youth who really want to advance to the next level. We follow the IMG Performance Institute’s model for developing well-rounded athletes with a heavy concentration on Character Development and Career Development. 


GameBreakers aims to transform the impact of youth sports. The inaugural  summit was held in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012. Legendary coaches, professional athletes, and college athletes gathered to share their wisdom and experiences with high school student-athletes and high school coaches. The event is now held annually in New York City.


The UWANTGAME Speaker Series is a program created by educators at Alain LeRoy Locke Senior High School in Los Angeles, Calif. The program’s mission is to inspire and encourage high school student-athletes and develop them into thriving individuals and lifelong learners by establishing connections to a diverse group of successful former collegiate student-athletes.