The Mission Of The

UWANTAGAME Mentoring Program


to pair HS students with consistent accountability partners who’ve already traveled the same paths. Overcoming sports injuries, juggling academic responsibilities with athletic responsibilities, enduring rigorous practices, managing confidence issues, and preparing for post-college life are all things that successful former college student-athletes have encountered during their careers, thus making them ideal mentors.

If high school student-athletes are determined to experience personal and professional success, they’ll need the focus and tools to get there. The UWG Mentoring Program provides a comprehensive three-year enrichment program (typically 10th – 12th grade) to youth who really want to advance to the next level. We follow the performance model used for developing well-rounded collegiate athletes and professional athletes with a heavy concentration on Character Development and Career Development.

Each year we create a thorough program that includes dynamic mentor/mentee team-building drills, career/image-building workshops, and exciting group events.

Additionally, UWG works with a network of professionals to create an internship opportunity for each UWG participant. During the spring semester, each student-athlete will be expected to attend an internship preparation event and complete a one-day internship.


  • Punctuality & Accountability
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Community Service
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness


  • Dressing for Success
  • Financial Literacy
  • Networking 101
  • Image Building
  • Media Training
  • Introduction to Résumé Writing


  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Keys to a Healthy Life