The program provides the focus and tools to get them in the game! The program will provide a comprehensive enrichment experience two times per month for student-athletes (typically 10th – 12th grade) who really want to advance to the next level. The program follows the performance model used for developing well-rounded collegiate and professional athletes with a heavy concentration on relationship building, character enhancement, and college and career path exploration. The hybrid delivery includes dynamic mentor/mentee sessions, career/image-building workshops, and exciting group events with our partner schools. 


Mentoring: Student-athletes are paired with adult mentors, many of whom have traveled the same path from high school to college to career.

Life Skills Development: Communication, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, leadership

College and Career Exploration: Go behind-the-scenes with a local sports industry-related career professional (hybrid).

Speaker Series: Sports industry professionals and/or former collegiate student athletes offer personal testimonies and insight on transitioning from high school to college sports and balancing sports, academics, and social activities.