UWANTGAME helps student-athletes reach their potential in academics, athletics and personal growth through life skill and career development as well as mentor relationships with successful former collegiate athletes.

UWANTGAME is a non-profit organization founded by Joe Branch and Bill Bobbora. We are dedicated to building the personal and professional life skills of high school student-athletes through one-on-one mentorship relationships with successful former student-athletes.

It is our belief that when given the proper guidance and support, high school student-athletes can achieve success in all aspects of their lives. We strive to provide the educational and emotional support they need to attain their academic, athletic, and personal development goals.

Why We Do It

"I know the effectiveness of mentors in young people’s lives. I’ve been surrounded by great men my entire life from my dad, to my brother, to my pastor, to my high school coach, and many others. I didn’t know when I was young that they were, in fact, mentors." —Joe Branch, Co-Founder, UWANTGAME

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